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About The Site

UkuleleHub is here to give you all the advice you’d need as a beginner ukulele player. We’ve gone over hundreds of ukulele reviews to give you quick, summary advice when setting out to buy a new model.

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Ukulele: A mini four-stringed member of the guitar family

We’re also setting out to give you quick tips to get you on your way towards uke-playing stardom (well, proficiency at least).

See the links on the right of this page for reviews of the most popular brands and models. We’ve also got a great run-through of the best selling models. See the links above for more general advice of how to find a uke to suit your needs, and where to start when wanting to play this great instrument.


Does ukulele size matter?

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What is the Ukulele?

Well, it’s a small stringed instrument, from the guitar family.  It is fun, easy to start playing and sounds beautiful.  Think of it and you probably think Hawaiin skirts and beaches.  But there is a lot more to this little gem.

The tone of this beauty is in class of its own – so unique and friendly. It is difficult to make a song sound depressing, even Radiohead might sound cheery!

The Uke originated in Hawaii but throught the 20th century its popularity grew worldwide.  It has made its way into many indie/rock/pop songs in recent times.  The uke is “in”, it’s currently a pretty cool instrument to play!  The ukulele is often called the ‘uke’ for short, by the way.


Why Play the Uke?

The two main reasons are 1. it’s fun! and 2. it’s relatively inexpensive to get started playing the uke.  Here are these reasons and more explained:

  • It’s a cheap instrument, at least at the budget level.  Decent beginner models can be bought for around $20-50.  At this price there is low risk in deciding if the instrument is for you, when compared most other stringed instruments such as a decent beginner guitar.
  • It makes a wonderful, sweet sound.  It brings a unique, tropical tone while complimenting other musical instruments beautifully.
  • It is fairly easy to get started playing the uke.  Having only four strings, chords are learned easily and you can be strumming out a few sweet tunes in no time.
  • If you have previous knowledge of playing, say, the guitar; your knowledge and skills are easily transferable. Learning to play the uke is an easy, fun, and natural progression.
  • It’s small! You can easily take it to parties, travelling etc.
  • The uke is difficult to master.  “Why is this a good thing” I hear you say.. This provides a great challenge, one that can give a lot of personal fulfilment.  Anyone can pick it up and strum few great songs out.  But only the persistent player gets the best out of the uke.  Frank Skinner, English comedian and uke fan, puts it well:
“The ukulele is a bit like backgammon.. It’s very easy to play but difficult to play well”

Schools worldwide are picking up on the accessibility of the instrument and kids are introduced to the world of music via the uke!


A Short History…"Image showing the different sizes of ukulele"

Some records of the history of this instrument reveal that it originated in Portugal; additionally, it is believed that the machete was constructed primarily to assist with chord fingering. Before the islands of Hawaii became an official state of the United States, they actually adopted it as their own. During the mid-1900s, its music was popularized, and since then it has once again become popular and is now featured in many of the modern-day tunes.


What is UkuleleHub?

Ukulelehub.com is a website dedicated to this wonderful little instrument.  We aim to provide you with reviews, tips, facts and ideas when starting out.

We’ll help you with:

The site is still young, but we have lots of great stuff in the pipeline!  Stay tuned!

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