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Easy Ukulele Songs: A Few Places to Begin

Easy Ukulele Songs: A Few Places to Begin

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Having fun with just a few easy ukulele songs

Are you looking for easy ukulele songs? When starting out with playing a uke, it is important to pace yourself!  Start of with a few easy ukulele songs to get a grasp of the instrument.  You will soon be able to strum out some sweet tunes, and improve your confidence as you get going with your uke.

For absolute beginners, and ukulele songs for kids, see our nursery rhyme tutorials starting here.


There are lots of resources on line for getting ‘tabs’ for songs. However some tabs can be inaccurate.  A book may be preferrable for the beginner. Get your confidence up by playing a few easy songs, then expand your abilities using more complicated tabs online later.


Easy Ukulele Songs: A Few Examples

We have several easy songs for you to learn in our video series, with lots more to come. Here’s one for “You and I”, which sounds great on the uke:

Other tunes coming soon:
  • If you are a fan of the Beatles, why not impress everyone with one of the simplest uke songs ever, “I’ll Follow the Sun” with just transitioning from C-C7, D7 – G7 and F-Fm. As you learn this easy ukulele song, you may be surprised that it is the same chords as some other famous songs like “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “Ring of Fire”. So,by learning one song, you will be easily be able to play other easy uke songs.
  • Another easy song that will soon launch you to uke stardom is Stand by Me”. The intro is sufficient enough to make people around you take notice and it is just a combination of F-F-Dm-Dm-Bb-C7 F and C7, as you progress to the entire length of the song, this combination will play over and over again making this song one of the easiest and popular songs for the uke!
  • “Here Comes the Sun” is a beautiful song on the uke.  It may be a little trickier but once you have mastered fingering Fmaj7 you can move from one chord to another. This song goes C – C – Fmaj7 – D9 and C as the intro and with most of the parts as C – F – G7 – C – F – G7 and then the intro part is played again. Mastering this song will not just make you look like a pro but also opens the door for more challenging songs.


Ukulele Song Books

A great place to start out is the bestselling book: Easy Songs for Ukulele… Hal Leonard Method.  This popular book contains songs from artists such as Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkle.  It’s a tool to build up enjoyment and confidence.  One reviewer said “I use this book every time I pick up my uke. I love the song selection, I wish there were more books like this for ukulele.”

Take things to another level with The Daily Ukulele (Jumpin’ Jim’s Songbooks).  This highly rated book contains 365 songs for the uke!!  This review sums up this super book… “I’m a beginner. I got my copy yesterday and I didn’t put my uke down for three hours! Lots and lots of fun. With the chord charts included for each song, it’s easy for the beginner to use. With 365 songs, I would expect every player to find plenty to like.”


To increase your enjoyment, easy ukulele songs should not only be simple but also fun to learn. Learn a few easy chords and away you go!  Simple songs are mostly three to four chords in variation with repeated chords for easy playing for beginners.

Learning ukulele is not just a hobby but also a passion for many. There are different associations globally which are dedicated to this humble instrument. In Japan there is the Nihon Ukulele Association, in Canada, school children learn in the classroom to foster musical literacy and in the United Kingdom, a ukulele philharmonic orchestra was organized. Truly learning easy ukulele songs is a giant step in appreciating this magnificent instrument.


We have lots of tutorial videos coming soon!!

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