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Lanikai Ukulele: A Look at the Best-Selling Brand

Lanikai Ukulele: A Look at the Best-Selling Brand

Looking for the best ukulele but don’t have hundreds to spend? Want to create sweet, sweet music? A Lanikai ukulele could be the best option for you. With a wide variety of models in the brand, you can easily get a uke of your choice from the Lanikai family.

"image of Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele"

Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Uke… A best-seller! Click on image for latest deals.

Lanikai ukulele instruments are sold by a U.S based company, Hohner. Hohner has long been a well known name amongst musicians. It started its business in 1857 and it proudly sells a wide range of models.


Why Should You Buy a Lanikai Ukulele?

You might be wondering what sets Lanikai ukes apart. First of all it has huge range, available in every color, size, shape and design. All these ukuleles have their own unique features, catering for several purposes.  Need a cheap quality budget while travelling?  Want one for parties?  Even playing professionally? You will find one in this brand to fit your needs.

Hohner has also made a separate range of ukes for beginners (see introductory models below). These ukes are easy to play and have some basic features in them. The price of this range is set very reasonably, so that you do not have to pay a large amount of money when starting out.


Watch our video review of the budget Lu-11 from Sarah:


On another level there are two separate ranges for professional musicians and artists who need a uke for heavier use.

The amazing CK-T tenor ‘curly koa’ model. Beautiful!

Another good thing about this brand that some are made from the high quality koa wood. The introductory are from nato wood. You can get a huge variety from the soprano to baritone under the one roof. The entry level LU-21 soprano uke is available for around $80 (click here for latest pricing).


Popular Models Included In The Range

As explained, Lanikais are available in various ranges.  These ranges differ according to your needs and budget. Following are some of the models available:

Introductory Range


  • S-C Spruce Series Concert Uke
  • S-T Spruce Series Tenor size
  • Koa Concert Pack
  • NK-T Custom Koa Tenor
  • CK-TEQ Tenor Curly Koa Acoustic Electric
  • LCD-C Designer Series Concert
  • Acoustic-Electric Baritone Uke – We review this great model in this article, or concert sized (LU-21ce) – read more.


Lanikai CK-C Concert Curly Koa Ukulele

This CK-C Curly Koa Lanikai concert ukulele is a beaut

Lanikais sell very well, with good reason. They are well made and offer a great introduction to the world of ukuleles


What Customers Think of Lanikais

The brand gains very good reviews on amazon and are a popular brand of uke.  According to one of the customers:

“This was my second uke, an off brand one was my first. I now have more…but I always return to play this one. It is nice sounding… Small and easy to take with you. I would recommend this to anyone who is new and even to long time players. I leave it set by my chair and pick it up to play all the time and I am sure that you will like it too. Sometimes price isn’t everything. Try it, you’ll like it, I did. ”


Other brand options

The closet competitor is Kala – Both in terms of quality, features and pricing the two are very similar.

Oscar Schmidt is another great brand.

If you are on a budget, the Makala range from Kala is a cheaper option.

Cheaper still is the Mahalo brand – but with lower cost you do get a less well made instrument


Summary: Key Points

Image of the LU-21T ukulele

The LU-21TE is tenor size for those in need of the bigger model!

Following are some of the benefits of buying this brand of instrument:

  • Made from high quality wood. Although most are laminated as opposed to solid wood
  • Reasonably priced, spend a little and become the next Jake Shimabukuro
  • Have elegant looks
  • Available in every shape and size
  • Great sounding - Picture yourself on the beach in Hawaii and strum a few chords away
  • Ranges available for beginners as well as experienced musicians

You may want to read our reviews of the Lanikai’s top selling budget ukuleles next. Read our thoughts on the LU-21 Soprano here, or our review of the LU-21C here.

The latest deals for the instruments can be found here.

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