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Makala Ukulele: Great Starter Model at a Better Price

Makala Ukulele: Great Starter Model at a Better Price

Kala has been delivering high quality ukuleles since 2005. The brand is owned by Mike Upton, a man passionate about the uke.  Upton has also worked with Hohner, a well known musical instrument company. The company now also manufactures the Makala ukulele as a budget offering. These instruments have attained high customer satisfaction due to their relative quality at low prices.

These models are inexpensive but thankfully this doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality. All models from the Makala ukulele company are made from good quality wood.

"Image of the Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele"

The Makala MK-S Soprano Uke, a very nice (and nicely priced) uke.

The MK-S uke is one of the top sellers on amazon, read what we think of this uke here.


Kala Makala Ukulele Offers Great Value

The Makala ukulele is available in every size ranging from soprano size to baritone size. They are made from pure wood but some also have plastic coating or covering in different colors to make them more attractive (kids love this option)


Benefits of this cheap brand

  • Made from good materials – quality agathis wood body, Rosewood fingerboard and bridge and mahogany neck
  • Available in different colors (if you opt for the cheapest Dolphin range)
  • Have a stylish look
  • Offered in every size, shape and design – Soprano, concert, bartione, tenor and even pineapple
  • Easy to use – Pick up and get strumming a few chords
  • Great sound for the low sale price


“Does it suit me as a beginner?”

Makala ukuleles have more or less specifically targeted beginners and casual uke players. As such its a good option for those people who are thinking about buying a uke for the first time. Their instruments available for the beginners are very easy to use.  Just pick up, learn a few simple chords and easy songs and away you go.


Dolphin pink ukulele

The Dolphin range comes in a variety of colors like this Pink Burst

How is it Different From Other Brands?

The answer to this is easy. The Makala ukulele has two valuable properties: high quality and low price. A little more expensive than say, Mahalo (reviewed here), but  good bit better made.

The MK-C concert size is more suitable for those with bigger hands.

Generally, when you buy any product at lower price you expect low quality. These instruments are made by keeping in mind the needs of those who want to enjoy and learn the uke, but don’t want to spend heavily. Read more on the specifications on the official site here. Most of the smaller size models are available at less than $50, and the larger ones (tenor and baritone) are less than $100 as a general guide.

Better quality (but more expensive) brands include Lanikai (check out our thoughts here) and the standard Kala range. If your budget can stretch to it, buy one of the better brands. It’s up to you what suits your pocket best!


Makala is the budget little brother range from the Kala brand, so it offers great sound with great value


Customer Makala Review Notes

Bigger again is the MK-T model, a tenor sized uke. Click image for our review

“… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Despite the low cost, it’s very good quality and sounds great. Tuning holds perfectly, I don’t have to re-tune it often. Cute colors are fun and its simple design is perfect for beginners. Fun to show off in front of friends and easy to learn!”

 “I would not hesitate to recommend this little gem to anyone looking to spend under $50. I am really enjoying it”

“This Uke came today and I’m already really enjoying it. As a beginner, I wanted an inexpensive instrument but wanted good sound from it. I definitely got it from this. Very easy to tune as well. I highly recommend this to any starter.”


Listen to the MK-Concert in this video:



MK-B Baritone uke

Completing the set, in terms of uke sizes – this baritone MK-B

The Makala ukulele has gained high customer confidence in very short time.  The main benefit is their quality at an affordable price. They are highly popular products, see here for latest Makala deals. Some of these deals are ideal for the beginner- with gig bags and tuners as part of a package!

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