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Oscar Schmidt Ukulele – A High Class Brand!

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele – A High Class Brand!

The Oscar Schmidt ukulele brand has a great reputation. It is very popular among many players of the instrument and is sold worldwide. The parent company – Washburn- is a veteran of making a variety of stringed instruments like the guitar, banjo, mandolin, autoharp etc.

Let’s take a general look at this brand in our quick guide.

"Image of an Oscar Schmidt Ukulele"

Oscar Schmidt OU7T Tenor Ukulele.. A beauty


The brand is very popular, thanks to the following factors:

  • Superior tone
  • Volume levels
  • Affordability, even with the high quality
  • Available on sale worldwide

Oscar Schmidt ukuleles are made with premium woods and top quality hardware. It is also reasonably priced, making it an ideal choice for those wanting a decent uke. Each instrument has to pass a high level of quality-control and scrutiny by a skilled technician in the USA. This ensures the customer will get resonant sound quality and smooth fret ends with precision low action. Easy playing comfort and unequalled standards make it the perfect choice for uke players.

The brand has a reputation for the exquisite workmanship with an Abalone top inlay, Grover tuners and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Today, it continues to make quality musical instruments at affordable prices. The size of uke depends on ones personal preference. Traditionalists tend to prefer the original soprano ukulele size from the four most common sizes, in smallest up: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

Regardless of your size preferences – If you choose one of these you will not be disappointed!

Image of the oscar schmidt OU2

The budget model from OS – The OU2 concert ukulele

Key Features of these instruments

You are not getting some cheap junk with this brand. You will find varying tone and quality depending on the size and construction of each model. These instruments come with a Mahogany top, back & sides and are usually handcrafted. You will get them in satin finish and a rosewood or Ebony Bridge. Fitted with Chrome tuners, this wonderful instrument lets out a rich sound. The UC3 case is superb for concert models. No wonder this brand is highly respected.

OU6LCE Acoustic electric uke

Fancy splashing out? This OU6LCE Acoustic Electric Tenor ukulele is superb

Pros and cons

From reviews of the brand, it seems buyers are only too happy with their purchase. The quality at an affordable price makes this a great buy for many.


"Image of the Oscar Schmidt OU5 concert ukulele"

The beauty of the OU5 is apparent. But more importantly it sounds great too. Click on image for latest deals.

  • Beautiful to look at
  • The sound produced is high quality
  • The tuners turn smoothly and evenly
  • Very fine lacquered finish
  • Great price
  • A wide range


  • The soprano size can be a little challenging for big hands (this is the smaller, standard size model of uke)
  • Some complain that the cheapest, OU2 option is not quite up to the same standard as others in the range
  • Not much else – This is one of the best ukulele ranges for beginners and more experienced players alike.


These are undoubtedly a quality offering. Many experts recommend this make for the beginner who is serious about playing the instrument, and with good reason


Some Popular Models

Oscar Schmidt OU5; As a concert size, this is slightly bigger and therefore might be easier to get to grips with (than the standard soprano size).  At around $125, this gets great reviews on amazon.  A few sample reviews:

  • “…it is an incredible ukulele. I couldn’t be more satisfied with it! The frets are placed perfectly for someone that’s familiar with playing the guitar, not to mention someone that’s beginning, it’s easier to place your fingers when you can see them (the soprano is really small compared to this concert size). Overall I love my uke.”
  • “I could not be happier. This is a wonderful instrument for both the first time user and the semi-serious amateur. The uke is beautiful. The woodwork is gorgeous. Everyone who has seen it says “wow” “


We review the OU5 concert model here.

OU7T; A tenor size, this is a beauty! Admittedly a little pricier at around $250, you may not immediately see this as a starter uke.  But if you are committed to the instrument and want to increase your enjoyment, this could be an ideal pick.  Reviewers say this:

  • “…will not be needing another uke for years to come. I love it! Chicks dig it too. ;)”
  • “It’s got great sound, easy fretting, beautiful intonation, and it is gorgeous to look at… Great tenor uke, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their collection, or start learning this great instrument.”


The OU2 is another, cheaper instrument to have a look at if you are on a budget. Our OU2 concert ukulele review is here. The OU3 is a few dollars more expensive but may be worth it for some.


Any alternatives?

To be honest, if you are thinking of getting one of these instruments then you are in the right frame of mind! Some competitors include:

Oscar Schmidt OU53

The OU53 is a good buy for those after a quality baritone ukulele – Click image for our review

  • Kala – Great reputation for ingenuity and quality – Read more
  • Lanikai – Best selling and uber popular, with good reason.
  • Fluke – for something a little different!


Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Review Summary

To wrap up, the Oscar Schmidt ukulele brand comes highly recommended.  Have a flick through the reviews on amazon and decide for yourself.  If you are after a quality uke at a decent price, this may be the brand for you!

Read our review of the OU5 here.

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