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What’s The Deal With Pineapple Ukuleles?

What’s The Deal With Pineapple Ukuleles?

Pineapple ukuleles certainly have a traditional Hawaiian exotic flavor, but will this unique looking instrument be to your taste? If you want to find out more this sweet sounding instrument keep on reading.

Pineapple ukuleles have a unique shape. They have good sound paired with great comfort. They are also available in every size just like any regular ukulele. These ukes are know for their shape and their melodic, resonating sound.

They use less wood in production than an average ukulele so they often come out cheap, with prices starting at 33$. There are several models to choose from and if you’re interested in checking more information, please take a look at these models on amazon.



Kala KA-P Mahogany Pineapple Soprano

Kala KA-P Mahogany Pineapple Soprano

Pineapple ukuleles were first given shape by a man called Samuel Kamaka. Student of Leonardo Nunes, the son of Manuel Nunes (the Portuguese who was responsible for the birth of the ukulele), Kamaka sought for innovation and even today his pineapple Ukulele shape is one of a kind, providing a mellow and harmonious sound with an exotic look.

The first ones were even painted like a pineapple as a joke since a friend of Kamaka said that they had the same shape (hence the name). Patented by Kamaka in 1928, this unique ukulele shape is now reproduced by several known manufacturers in various models.

Features of the Pineapple Ukulele

So, how is the taste of this exotic fruit? We’ll dissect every aspect of this instrument ahead, but first let’s take a glimpse of some of the features this fruity shaped beauty has to offer:

  • Unique Design, for those who want a more exotic look out of their Hawaiian instrument. You can even choose to have a pineapple paint job to it.
  • Volume. The body actually resonates more since they have more surface to vibrate than a regular uke, making it louder.
  • Strings: they vary according to maker. (Aquila and Martin usually).
  • Environmental Friendly. Despite having more surface to reverberate they actually use less wood to produce, therefore you kill less trees in the process.
  • Distinguish sound. Making it really contrast between the sound of a regular ukulele and a guitar.

So with the features in mind…

What are the advantages of a Pineapple?

  • Price. They are cheaper than regular ukuleles but you can go for more expensive models as well.
  • Look. Very popular and like no other. Truly Hawaiian design for those who just can’t stand or had enough of the old eight shaped ukulele.
  • Sound. A good alternative for those who like to play unplugged but never had the volume they wanted.


Oscar Schmidt OU2P Pineapple uke

Oscar Schmidt OU2P

Some disadvantages:

  • Unfortunately, most are soprano models and tenor and concert are a bit rare.
  • Its unique look may not be pleasant to everybody.
  • It’s debatable if they are less comfortable than a regular ukulele.
  • There aren’t amplified versions.


Various Models

Pineapple ukuleles are produced by many ukulele brands these days. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones:

  • Kala KA-PSS Mahogany Soprano Pineapple: This Kala made uke has that cool looking pineapple paint to it and plays as fun as it looks. You’ll be un-separate together.
  • Lanikai LU-21P : A good quality, standard pineapple uke. Nothing too fancy, but if you know Lanikai you know they do their job right for a competitive price.
  • Makala Pineapple: The cheaper version of Kala. This is made from the same manufacturer so you know it is quality. Except, Makala is cheaper!
  • Oscar Schmidt OU2P Concert: Oscar Schmidt are well-respected are veterans in ukulele making so expect quality stuff. This ukulele will not let you down.


Mahalo pineapple uke

A budget offering from Mahalo

Buyer’s Reviews 

Pineapple ukuleles seem to be sweet enough for the costumer’s taste ranging from 3.4 to 5 star ratings on Amazon.com. Some comment on the quality being a bit sensitive since it is a small instrument and it isn’t as resistant as a bigger instrument like a guitar, therefore you’ve got to be somewhat careful if you want it to last a lifetime and some models require string exchange.

Other than that, costumers say it is so much fun you’ll be tempted to play this in traffic and take it everywhere you go (which can be quite dangerous sometimes).

Some comments include:

I take this thing everywhere, any event or practice is a great way to making waiting for whatever; something to look forward to.I don’t recommend it while driving in traffic but you will be tempted…”

“The shape and the pineapple print gets a ton of smiles,

I’ve been playing guitar for about 25 years, and I have to say the overall quality and sound of this little beauty is very good.


Lanikai Pineapple

Nice starter pack from Lanikai


The Pineapple Ukulele is certainly an innovative instrument and had impact in the history and evolution of the instrument. It looks exotic, it sounds great and feels great. Probably tastes good too…

If you ever wanted a uke that played loud enough without plugging it to an amplifier yet looked fun and exotic than this shape of ukulele may just be for you.

Take a look at the various models on amazon.

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